Lip Butters

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Now available in a new oval tube. Easy to handle and won't roll away from you!  

You will never want to go back to a commercial lip balm after feeling the creamy moisturizing ingredients in my lip butters.  Why buy a store bought lip balm that's main ingredient is petroleum when you can have all the healthy benefits of 100% natural ingredients.

I do not sweeten my  lip butters.  Why? Sweetened lip balms and butters may taste really good you will be licking your lips to taste the sweetness.  This causes your lips to dry out and have to re-apply more product. My lip butters are so yummy smelling you will never miss it!

This listing is for one .15oz tube of lip butter.  It comes labeled and shrink wrapped for your protection.

Ingredients: Mango Butter, Beeswax, Perilla Oil, Oat Oil Argan Oil and Essential Oil and/or Flavoring.